Discover Aviation Days 2018


Join us for Discover Aviation Days on June 2nd and 3rd, 2018 at the Anoka County Airport – Jane’s Field in Blaine, MN!

Discover Aviation Days is free to the public.

(We are asking for a parking donation to support the event!)

Below is our current schedule for both Saturday and Sunday:

7:00am – Breakfast

9:30am – CAP Color-Guard

9:35am – T-6 Squad. Fly-Over

10:00am – K-9 Demonstration

11:00am – Lunch Served

12:00pm – Parade of Cars

12:00pm – Guest Speakers

1:00pm – Warbird Fly-Overs

1:30pm – K-9 Demonstration/Huey Reenactment

2:00pm – T-6 Thunder Fly-Overs

4:00pm – CAP Retire the Colors

(All appearances and times are subject to change.)


FAA Wings Safety Seminars 

These FAA Wings Safety Seminars will be held in the dark blue EAA building, just north of the Golden Wings hangar:

  • Saturday 9 to 10 – Aaron Sykes – Drones for hobbyists:  What you need to know
  • Sunday 9 to 10 – Laura Hermann – Icing
  • Sunday 10:30 to 11:30 – David Yost – ATC for VFR Pilots


B-25 Rides are available!  Click here for more details or Contact Us to book your ride today!


If you want to get more involved with the planning process, please join us.  The planning team meets monthly and can use your help!  Email us at or call 763-568-6072.

Discover Aviation Days 2018